Best Place For Cheapest Power Leveling – WoW and WOTLK

Leveling your character in World of Warcraft can be extremely difficult, frustrating and time consuming to say the least. It can also be expensive as far as having enough gold for supplies and gear necessary to complete quests. Actually there are hundreds of sites offering to do this for you. However, many of these sites have nice flashy websites with a lot of guarantees but offer very low quality services and in the end you end up with a banned account. This is why it is important to know where the best places are for the cheapest power leveling.  

Sure there are hundreds of guides that promise to get from level 1-80 or just show you how to power level in WOTLK in record breaking time.  The truth is, just following the guides and making your way through quests are much more difficult than those guides will lead you to believe. That is why players are online these days searching more and more for power leveling services.

It didn’t take long for WoW gamers to realize the value in hiring a service to level characters. Even more seasoned WoW gamers were looking for help power leveling in WOTLK.  This is actually a popular practice for many reasons. One of the biggest is the fact that the more popular power leveling services use all their in game assets to level characters. They also will allow their client’s character to keep all the drops and other loot during the service time.

Some of the lesser quality sites will offer a great price but when you get your character back you will realize that there were some hidden costs involved. Most of the complaints are related to players not getting back all the gear and gold their character had before using the service. This is because the master power leveler uses up your stuff to get you to your specified level. They are not much concerned with anything more than that other than your prompt payment.

The biggest risk with going with what may seem like a cheap power leveling service is how they go about leveling. Sites that use bots, hacks and other unethical methods make a poor gaming experience for everyone. Also you should not trust you account with just anyone because account theft is a very real problem. The rule of thumb here is to never give out your master ID information. That is usually the indicator of something that’s not exactly right.

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